[Word of the Day] Bishop Noel Jones – What Your Faith Will Do!

I’m certain this was a good message! But, just remember that your faith is not all about personal gain! Your faith ought to have something to do with edifying the body and building the Kingdom. You don’t need a new car if you don’t plan to use the car to do the work of the Lord! Just my own little thought! Be blessed!

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3 thoughts on “[Word of the Day] Bishop Noel Jones – What Your Faith Will Do!

  1. Praise the Lord Bishop Noel Johns this Pr. Ricky from Uganda wanted to get in touch with you I am a Pastor from Uganda East Africa. we would like to connect with your Ministry in the US we will appreciate your reply……….Pastor Ricky.

  2. I have been trying to find any information about Pastor Noel Jones because he has been an inspiration to me. The sermons that I have heard have been what I needed to hear. Most ministers do not impress me and that is not to say that I idolize him. His messages have been inspriational to me at times when I have been in a very dark place. I have just been in the city of Sandusky since June of this year, and so many things have confronted me and my reasons for leaving where I was were valild. I did not expect to be confronted with the situation that I left because the person that held out the lifeline promised me a different setting. Now the only thing different is that it is not my children but it is his children. Everything else is jusg fine but I realize that God has a reason for every obstacle that He places in your life. Your will either progress or digress. But I have asked for guidance from God because the man that I am with (unmarried) lied about being a religious person and I moved in with him in the house that he and his ex had lived for 27 years. It has been extremely unconfortable for me, and I realize that I even though I care about the man, I cannt continue to live this way. Will I return to my previous city? No Will I seek another relationship? No Will I rededicate my life to Christ? Yes In 54 years I have been placed in the back of the line. I know that God has a calling on my life and I know that a change is in the making. I thank God that I have been able to hear a sermon that will give me the strength to continue.

  3. I would like to partner with ur ministry man of God. I am from Zimbabwe southern Africa. I would appreciate hearing from you.

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