Thoughts on Oprah Finding her SISTER

Meet Oprah Winfrey's Half-Sister | Oprah Winfrey

George Burns

I was totally weirded out by Oprah’s big secret. There were several things that puzzled me. I’ll start with the use of the term “half-sister.” I don’t understand the word. Quite frankly, I don’t think it is a term that Black people use often. I won’t go into why I think that is. I also thought that Oprah didn’t come off as “warm.” She seemed to be treating her sister as though she were a regular guest on her show.

She also put her mom on blast in a way that I don’t think it healthy for a family. I understand the idea of wanting to be upfront with people but.. really… what does Oprah owe the general public with regard to her personal life? NOTHING! She doesn’t have to air her laundry with us! If she wasn’t done thoroughly “processing” having a new sister, she should have waited to tape this show. Awkward!

I also thought it was weird that they treated the long lost sister as though she was not her own person. They treated her like she was a reincarnation of someone who died rather than a human being with a life and children. One of Oprah’s nieces said it was a bittersweet moment because she looked like her mom. I can’t grasp that. I don’t understand.

It would have been cool to see them shopping or something. Maybe she could have given Patricia a tour of her house or something.  I don’t know.

Okay. thats enough on that but I had so many questions after watching. I wondered if the family stayed at Oprah’s house or in a hotel? I wondered why Oprah’s mother was not there. OH, did you notice how defensive the older cousin who knew about the baby being gave up responded. She was deep into some “I couldn’t take the baby either” kinda guilt.

Being a long lost sister to Oprah seems to be odd. I think it requires more work on Oprah’s part to build relationship with her sister. She is a business mogul and I am sure it is hard to get in touch with and Patricia has her own life, too.

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