[R.I.P.] Bishop Chandler David Owens

The former Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, Bishop Chandler David Owens went on to be with the Lord early Sunday morning, March 6, 2011.  In addition to pastoring his own congregation and serving as jurisdictional prelate of the Central Georgia Jurisdiction, Bishop Owens served as a member of the General Board for over 35 years.

I loved Bishop Owens. He was quite inspiring to me and I have fond memories of him preaching at my jurisdictional meetings as a kid. I’m sad to hear about his passing. Please keep his family in your prayers. In honor of his legacy and life, here are some of his teaching;

Faith to Live, Courage to Die

4 Round Knock-Out. Bishop L.H. Ford Eulogy

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11 thoughts on “[R.I.P.] Bishop Chandler David Owens

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  2. To Mother Owens and the Greater Community Church of God in Christ of Marietta, GA.
    May God comfort your hearts during this time of immediate remembrance of the life of one of the most elequent speakers of the 20th Century, Bishop Chandler David Owens.

  3. Bishop & Mother Owens were my Pastor and Pastor’s Wife in the 70′s
    when I lived in Newark, New Jersey. Bishop Owens and my father, the
    late Bishop LeRoyRobert Anderson were best of friends “buddies”. I
    cherrish the time that I was able to spend with him in New Jersey, Western New York, and Arizona. The last time that I spoke with Bishop Owens, he told me that he was still looking out for my parents’ five (5) daughters. He would call periodically to see how we were doing and if we needed
    anything. I will miss Bishop Owens, and my prayers are with Mother

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  6. Bishop was my pastor in Newark New Jersey. Through Bishop I learned respect for not only the church but for myself also. He and Elder Luke Davis were the foundation of my beginning to know what God was really all about. There was nothing held back because I was a young lady and Bishop never asked me to stop learning but always encouraged me to continue on study and study and that I could not study Gods word enough. I loved my childhood at Wells Cathedral Church of God in Christ and learning under the tutelage of Bishop Chandler D. Owens. He has left a love for Christ and God that will never be removed from my heart. This is the greatest gift that Bishop gave to me and my family. A never ending Love for the Lord. Mother Owens was a wonderful example of how a woman of God should be and I loved her for it. The children were all wonderful. Mother was even an example during the passing of our beloved Charleatha. We love you Owens family. Mother keep showing us how its done and thank God for you and your family.

  7. Mother Shirley Owens, May God bless you in your hour of sorrow. Know that God loves you and will not put more on you than you can bear. We love you and our prayers are with you. I a Mattie Felts younger sister and remember you Mother Owens from Detroit, Michigan. Mattie also sends her love.

  8. Our sympathy and prayers are with Mother Shirley Owens and the Owens Family as you mourn the passing of our beloved Bishop. The nuggets of wisdom spoken by our Bishop shall always be remembered. Praying strength also for the Central Georgia Jurisdiction, Greater Community Church Family and the Church of God in Christ as a whole. A true soldier has gone home.

  9. My heart goes out to the Owens family.I remember meeting Bishop Owens with my Parents Ellder James Wright,and Mother Ruth M wright what a great time it was. I will never forget when he told me only what you do for christ will last.Bishop Owens Did the Eugoly for my mother at Kennely Temple,and I know tHere greating him right now.The Lord has said well Done My Good and Faithful Servant.

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