Laz Alonzo Dating Video Girl, Bria Myles

Laz Alonso has been allegedly dating Bria Myles since 209. Ever heard of her? I am not sure what her profession is but when I googled her, lots of trampy pictures came up where she was bending over in bikinis. I also noted that on Wendy, he said he was single. Sources say that 2 weeks ago, he and Bria left a party she was hosting HAND in HAND. Whatever works, right?

I dare not post some of her “professional” pictures but I wouldn’t have seen hiom with a video chick…

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10 thoughts on “Laz Alonzo Dating Video Girl, Bria Myles

  1. Hmm……. Sounds like to me like she’s just another hot piece of ass. Especially dating for two years. It’s at least high time to do like Beyoncé said if you like it then should have put a ring on it.

  2. Lets blow this lie right out the water for good. Bria you need to stop posting these lies about Laz you know he only kept you around to baby sit his dog while he as gone! Laz true Dime piece well her name is MeMe dam this gurl is FINE! GOGGLE HER!! the cat is out the BAG NOW!! sorry Bria. Go back to your waitress job. MeMe has this brother!!

  3. According to Laz image, he doesn’t look to be the type that would date a woman of her character. She doesn’t present herself in a lady like manner. At least her pics don’t show that. I mean ,I don’t know her but a man that is patentially lookn for marriang would probably just be satified with her physical appearance only for sex.

  4. Oh my gosh!! I googled MEME Lacour and all I can say is DAM Laz how come we have not seen the fine azz woman on the red carpet with you Bruh? They dont make goddess like this anymore! When you gonna WIFE MEME? DAM!! she is fine-fine-fine

  5. Laz is a sleaze that talks sh*t. He is educated but settles for a video chick who is an air head. Sounds like all the buu crap that men say. they want an educated lady but date tramps who are easy and have big t*ts and phat azzez.smh. Laz stop talking lies and bullsh*t.

  6. Oh Yes! I like y’all! If your going 2 put it out there put it out there like What! Or don’t bother!!!!!! You know he full if crap!

  7. Haters!!! You all make me laugh. Bria has a career where she actually makes more money than all of you jealous haters. The so called “fine” meme is just a another photo model (with photos all over the net just as risque as Bria’s) and has a narrow ass any-freaking-way.
    Laz himself is neither some super hot, popular guy nor a Harvard graduate so I don’t see what the big freaking deal is. Frankly I only heard about him when I Googled “who is Bria Myles dating?”.
    Laz, MeMe and Bria are just people who use their looks or talents (if you wanna call it that) to make money and gain fame. That’s their thing, so stop tripping on what they do.
    I personally think Bria has a prettier face and let’s not even go comparing hip/ass combinations. If you like skinny asses, just say so. Stop hating on a thing of beauty just because you’ll never be that bangin’. LOL.
    Oh, and for the hater who says “go back to the waitress job”, I have bad news for you… people like Bria, even if they want to be lazy, will always find a man with too much money and a love for phat backsides and pretty faces. Dimes like Bria never go hungry. Life’s just like that. Deal with it.

  8. I’m being nosy after somebody said he’s not really single LOL. She’s gorgeous and I’m probably biased because of the rarity of beatiful dark skin women that are “openly let’s be real!” chosen. I’d believe this based on an interview where he mentioned he’d prefer to keep his relationships private because of how people judge and I instantly thought his last girl was either big or dark skin and well now….it’s both sad and crazy that we believe the hype to the point that we don’t see our own beauty and why she would indeed be his type.

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